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Steve's Speaking Presentations & Short Seminars

Below are 7 of Steve's speaking programs. Alternatively, Steve can tailor a program to best fit your meeting theme.

** All programs are available as featured speaker or short seminar presentations and can be custom tailored
from 1-3 hours to best accommodate your meeting needs and other scheduled agenda **

Program 1


Have you ever considered the fitness level of your customer service effort? Businesses with healthy customer
service efforts maximize customer interactions and ultimately produce more sales and greater profitability.

Just like physical fitness, there are many aspects to managing the well-being of a customer service effort. In order to
 reach an optimal level of customer service fitness your business must condition and strive to achieve peak performance
 in all of these areas.

This power-packed session includes:

  • How Superior Customer Service Pay Dividends for Your Business!
  • The 7 Key Areas of Customer Service Fitness
  • The Essential Elements of Extraordinary Service
  • How Industry Leading Companies deliver World-Class Customer Service!
  • Managing for Optimal Customer Service Health and Greater Results!

Click Here for Steve's "How Fit Is Your Customer Service?" article


Program 2


Top-performing salespeople are invaluable to any business as they typically represent the 20% of the team that
 generate 80% of the revenue or thereabouts. While there’s certainly no magic formula for producing sales superstars,
 there are proven principles that are directly applicable to high-achievers.

In this informative and inspiring session, Steve details the 6 essential success traits of top-performing salespeople and
the best practices they use to produce superior results for themselves and the businesses they represent!

Click Here for Steve's "6 Essential Success Traits of Top-Performing Salespeople" article


Program 3


One of the biggest challenges facing all businesses is customer’s intent on receiving the lowest price for products
and services. As customers discretionary spending has decreased in the current economic downturn, the price factor
has increased dramatically. All too often when faced with this situation, sales personnel resort to price discounting
costing the businesses they represent substantial dollars in lost profits. 

This High-Value session includes:

  • Understanding customer’s needs now and your Value vs. Price
  • Determining Value Advantages & Positioning Your True Value 
  • Monetizing Value to Maximize Sales & Profits
  • Selling Value methods to discount less & sell more!

Click Here for Steve's "Sell Value or Pay The Price" article


Program 4


Unengaged employees do not create engaged customers! Winning team corporate cultures benefit from high levels
of employee morale, motivation and productivity – all of which drive extraordinary customer service and engagement!
In this entertaining and inspiring session, employees and managers will learn the principles of a winning team culture
and what is required to effectively contribute and maintain a high performance organization to win in the marketplace
and achieve greater levels of success!

This inspiring program is suitable for your entire organization and includes:

  • How Winning Team Cultures Drive Extraordinary Customer Service!
  • Employee Values & Best Practices of Winning Team Cultures
  • Leader Lessons: The winning cultures of market-leading companies
  • Why Champion’s Win (The Mindset of Success)
  • Preparing To Win (Positive Attitude insight & strategies)
  • Morale, Motivation and Inspiration!


Program 5

- How to Increase Customer Engagement and Sales -

Every day salespeople lose sales opportunities due to ineffectiveness on the phone, costing the businesses
they represent substantial revenue and profit. How many people call your business and yet end up buying from
someone else? Prevent that from happening and win more customers for life with the tools and techniques in this
high-performance session!

Attendees Will Learn:

  • Why phone interaction effectiveness are the most important sales skills to have
  • How to avoid selling on price and stop losing business to your competitors 
  • Proven telephone relations skills to build rapport/trust and positively engage customers
  • Expert sales techniques to win more business and create customer loyalty

Whether you’re a seasoned-veteran or a novice sales/customer service representative,
this program will help elevate your performance to greater heights!


Program 6

When sales representatives and customers meet, they enter into a complex process which goes far beyond
the application of simple sales tactics. Sustained success is achieved not just by employing standard sales
techniques but by being able to manage customer interactions and the interpersonal relationships involved.

This program delivers the key negotiation strategies and relationship-building skills to ensure sales professionals
know how to get the best outcome from every sales interaction they are involved in!

Experience Stronger Salesperson/Customer Relationships and Greater Sales Results by ensuring that the customer,
not just the organization—benefits! This Winning Session Includes:

  • Understanding Negotiation and the “Win-Win” Methodology
  • Your Negotiation Styles Profile and Assessing Your Counterpart
  • Adapting Negotiation Styles for different communication types
  • Behaviors of an Effective Negotiator

Click Here for attendee testimonials from this program as presented to The Pennsylvania Newspaper Association


Program 7


The Scientific Study of Persuasion and the Principles of Influence has been going on formally since the 1950’s.
By influencing positive changes in customer's behaviors, sales people can create strong customer bonds and
achieve greater results!

This fascinating and fun presentation references over thirty-five years of influence research and details the
psychology of why people say “yes” – and how to apply these findings to drive greater success in your business. 

This Influential Session includes:

  • How Principles of Influence work to produce positive changes in customer's behavior
  • Proven Behavioral Methods to persuade and attract new customers
  • How top performers use these principles to increase sales and how you can too!

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I thought the presentation was AWESOME to say the least! We have used motivational speakers
in the past but the problem with that was we pumped our guys up only to send them back to the store to do the exact same thing but with more enthusiasm! Well that doesn't make sense. 
Steve was entertaining and motivational as a speaker but at the same time gave our people real tools they could go back to the store and use right away!

Joe Hermann, District Leader
Conrads Total Car Care
Steve, you really hit a home run with our group during your keynote and seminar sessions at
our annual convention!  Both rooms were packed, and our attendees took away valuable tools
to improve their businesses.  It was great having you with us for the weekend, and we look forward to having you back for future association events!

Steve Akridge, Executive Director
Virginia Automotive Association

Steve, I was one of the many who attended the VAA Convention in Richmond this past weekend.  Please know I have attended these darn conventions for 15+ years.  Your presentation was the best I’ve seen yet.  It was informative, funny, and most importantly, eye-opening!  Great job! Thanks for exceeding all of our expectations!!!!!!!

Barbara Kline
Old Dominion Tire

A dynamic, entertaining and engaging speaker with the ability to increase motivation and inspire confidence, Steve’s "Pinnacle Performance" presentations have been successfully featured at conferences and conventions for a variety of corporations, associations and organizations across North America.

Steve’s Nutshell:

Captivating >  Participants sense Steve’s passion and enthusiasm right away. Because his presentations
                          are fast-paced, entertaining, and informative, he keeps everyone fully engaged from
                          start to finish.

Fun >  Steve uses storytelling, humor and a wealth of expertise and resources to provide presentations
            that are high energy, fun, and visually engaging.

Tailored >  Steve takes the time to understand your organization and can tailor a presentation to integrate
                    with your meeting theme, your overall business strategy, and your objectives.

No Theories >  Steve combines his extensive research into Pinnacle Performance with his 25+ years of
                           experience in sales/sales management to deliver real-world actionable ideas that can be
                           put to use immediately.

Fulfilling >   Steve's professionally prepared speaking presentations have received outstanding reviews
                       from event planners and attendees throughout North America!