- The Truth About "Born Salesman" -

No doubt you’ve heard someone referred to as “a born salesman” but is this old adage true?

How many “born doctor, born attorney, born scientist” do you know? Likely not many. With many years
of teaching and training to achieve those occupation designations it would surely be improper
referring to those (or any other honorable profession) that way.

Put in an athletic perspective, you are not “born” to be a great basketball player, a great golfer,
a great tennis player, etc. It is true, however, that many great athletes are indeed born with good genes
and innate physical characteristics that, when properly developed and applied, result in great achievement.

So while many “born salesman” have natural attributes like “outgoing, articulate, optimistic, assertive, nurturing”
that lend themselves well to success in the sales profession, top ‘Pinnacle Performers’ combine this with
a set of skills learned over time, and reinforced through continuous practice and disciplined application.

The fact is… top performing sales people are not born. However, they can be made
by combining natural talents with proper training and development.

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All too often sales/customers service training is treated as an event. A business conducts
an in-house training and, assuming it was good, participants get energized with
new insight, techniques and tools.  Then, with no real follow-up program in place, participants fizz out 
and return (at varying speeds) to the same level of performance they were at prior to training. 

Like physical fitness, it doesn’t matter how good your workout at the gym is today. If you don’t continue
to exercise on a consistent basis, you will never truly get in shape and stay that way.

Proper training is an ongoing process of continuous professional development. Just like a professional sports team,
your sales/customer service team must regularly practice and work on their game through
a disciplined and committed training program if they are to consistently win in (and for) your business.

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Along with a regular training and practice program there must also be proper
professional coaching to objectively assess, provide constructive feedback,
and fine-tune a successful sales process. Effective one-on-one coaching helps
individuals apply and effectively execute their learned skills. 

Ideally, existing management would provide the coaching to their sales and customer service staff.
However, while most managers come from a background of successful selling or
customer service, very few bring with them the specific skill set and necessary components
that produce a successful manager. Consequently, most managers have not
truly learned to coach effectively and often do not know what to teach
and/or how to drive the success of their team. 

Once expectations of sales management are established with ownership, Sale Away
works directly with sales managers on coaching until they themselves are
effective in coaching their own sales and service people. By increasing the manager's
effectiveness we can increase overall sales force effectiveness and efficiency.

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By combining critical assessment and evaluation tools to determine individual
strengths and weaknesses along with the essential success factors of ongoing
training, coaching and development, Sale Away's mission is to produce World Class
sales and customer service people that consistently execute to the best of their abilities. 

Sale Away's training and development programs are custom tailored
to your specific sales and/or customer service organizations needs,
objectives, and market challenges.

Solutions & Services Include:

  • Pre-hire testing and current sales staff assessments
  • “Sales Coach In Your Corner” ongoing support and coaching
  • Winning Team Culture, Leadership/Manager Training 
  • New Business Development, Phone Prospecting and Face-to-Face Selling
  • Account Management and Customer Service Training
  • Communication Skills: Listening, Body Language, Written
  • Goal Setting
  • Time and Personal Management
  • Attitude, Morale and Motivation
  • Sales Psychology and Behavioral Modification
  • Marketing Evaluation
  • Implementing and Maintaining a Successful Sales System!

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